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When you need help achieving your organization's goals, we have the skills to put you on the right path.

Our Mission is to Realize Yours

Stonehill Consulting Group, LLC was created to guide nonprofit organizations along the road to successfully realizing their full potential.  We provide consulting services to nonprofits whose missions and budgets span the entire range of the nonprofit sector.

Stonehill’s mission is to help you better serve your mission.  We guide and support you in strengthening your nonprofit organization’s capacity to aid and enrich the lives of the people you serve.

Philosophy & Services

I have always believed our nation derives its strength from the quality of its people and from the integrity of three pillars upon which our society is built. These pillars are:

•  A government based on democratic principles that guarantees individual freedom and opportunity.
•  A free enterprise system that produces economic well-being.
•  A healthy nonprofit sector that provides services, advocacy and cultural enrichment.

We must protect, nourish and strengthen each of these in order to provide opportunities for a quality life for each of our citizens.

—Scott Smith, MA
Managing Partner, Stonehill Consulting Group, LLC


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