Executive Director/CEO Searches

A change in leadership presents a significant opportunity to focus on the future direction of your nonprofit organization.   Because a nonprofit’s leadership needs are distinct from those of a for-profit business, so too are the requirements of a nonprofit CEO search.

Stonehill has developed a comprehensive 13-step process for conducting your successful search. A Stonehill expert in nonprofit executive searches works closely with your board, guiding it in defining your future leadership and management needs.  Second, we help your board identify the specific leadership talents and skills required of your next executive director based on your strategic goals.  Then we support your board throughout your comprehensive search, including negotiation with the candidate, and closing the deal.

Stonehill also provides its specialized nonprofit executive search services to nonprofits in which the outgoing executive is still in place. In these situations, Stonehill will utilize the experience and expertise of the departing executive director as well as the board to identify organizational strengths and weaknesses, and key management issues that can dictate the skill set necessary in your next CEO.

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